Taking utmost care to deliver precisely formulated Natural Sand, Dolomite Powder, Calcium Powder, Chalk Powder, etc.


Taking utmost care to deliver precisely formulated Natural Sand, Dolomite Powder, Calcium Powder, Chalk Powder, etc.
About Us
At Sukesh Industries Private Limited (SIPL), one can find pure Paint Grade White Calcite Powder, Micronized Calcium Carbonate Powder, Makrana Marble Lumps, Hydrated Limestone Powder, Aquaculture Grade Dolomite Powder, Snow White Dolomite Powder, etc., formulated precisely following international standards, with absolutely no use of fillers and additives. The specialist range we offer is supplied to a diverse range of customers, worldwide. As a manufacturer and exporter, we in addition to India serve patrons from Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, including renowned compounding pharmacists, food technology companies, cosmetics manufacturing companies and research labs. We only create products that meet our customers specifications. A purpose-built setup is being erected where large volumes of our user-customizable products are created round the clock. In a month we process and produce almost 9000 Metric Tons of goods for different application in food, cosmetics and allied sectors. Though products are made in standard particle sizes and physical properties, these traits can also be customized to suit unique buyer needs. We guarantee optimum purity, zero impurity and unmatched quality in all minerals that we offer, both standard and customized.

Our Mission
We as a forward-looking manufacturer are constantly innovating. This helps us find out newer ways to better serve our Indian and global customers with a selection of natural minerals at best rates, also keeping in mind the following:
  • International quality standards
  • Customer expectations
  • Development of available natural resources in view of national interest

Quality Policy
At SIPL, we work laboriously to meet quality standards on each batch that we produce and offer, every time. We keep tab on changing customer needs & preferences, building products around these specific criteria. We then make sure that we revise and periodically review performance standard & efficiency of our Paint Grade White Calcite Powder, Makrana Marble Lumps, Snow White Dolomite Powder, Aquaculture Grade Dolomite Powder, etc., to enhance our overall customer satisfaction level. We have a well-documented quality policy, and we make sure its objectives are communicated to everyone who is a part of the SIPL team. We do everything to ensure the objectives are well understood, well adhered to and also timely reviewed. For continual improvement in quality, we have put measurable indicators in place and we monitor and measure the same to check improvement across various business processes. Doing each job right, the very first time, and going to great lengths to finish tasks on time, every time is also a crucial part of our quality agenda.

Major Market
With quality and time bound delivery assurance, we are exporting bulk of our overall produce to the following international markets:
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan etc.

Our USPs/Why Choose Us?
  • We have a strong workforce with excellent moral ethics.
  • We offer professional products and services backed with integrity and trust.
  • We are a growing enterprise that celebrates core values like responsibility, accountability, respect, compassion and care.
  • We believe in staying fair, apolitical, transparent and non-bureaucratic.

Brand We Deal In
Realchem is the brand under which we offer Makrana Marble Lumps, Aquaculture Grade Dolomite Powder, etc.

Infrastructure & Facilities
A large infrastructural base with a total factory area of 2535 sq. meters is central to our smooth functioning as a mineral manufacturer from India. This state-of-the-art and well-equipped base has been set up in Parbatsar, Rajasthan, India. Latest machinery and equipment that are necessary for ensuring quality compliance while fulfilling high-speed orders have been installed here, including but not limited to roller mills, ball mills with purpose-built coating plant where different kind of minerals are produced in bulk. It is our mechanized mines with quality deposits that leads to quality production and improved quality in our entire product range. Our setup has a commendable production capacity of 5000 Metric Ton per month, which helps us suffice needs of every kind of customer, from across diverse industry segments.

Our setup also holds a well-equipped laboratory where all the quality control strategies that we have devised in all these years are practiced and upheld. Many qualified chemists are appointed to direct this wing. These chemists also evaluate the chemical & physical properties of various products in this unit. Works executed at this lab are in compliance with industry standards. Also, many equipment are outfitted at this facility, including but not limited to particle size analyzer, sieves, reflectance meter, furnaces, balances, and more. Our experts use these apparatuses and equipment with branded chemicals to gauge basic traits of various minerals like CaCo3, MgO, SiO2, etc., also their particle size (top cut as well as average) whiteness, and more.

Research and Development

We are identified as a knowledge-based company and we take absolute pride in the fact. This fuels our passion for quality excellence and innovation, which is why we make every effort to integrate research-based practices into our regular work. Analysing each available technology, after carefully assessing raw material characteristics/traits and also various product quality requirements is the first step that we take for ensuring we adopt the most advanced and relevant technology that optimizes various operations. We have seasoned R&D people in our team and these experts are attuned to the needs of our customers. Not only do they shortlist the right product for each customer but also know how to bring forth tailor made products befitting unique needs of clients. Powder properties of products like Aquaculture Grade Dolomite Powder, Micronized Calcium Carbonate Powder, etc., are evaluated and analysed regularly on parameters like the flow point, specific gravity, oil & water absorption, bulk density, plasticity, CaCo3, SiO2 contents, etc. Three main products that are subjected to regular and thorough evaluation by experts, for analysis of elements which are of importance to customers are Talc, Calcite and Dolomite. Our experts ensure traits like product whiteness is controlled regularly, and only the most hi-tech tools are utilized for Particle Size Distribution Analysis.

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